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Commercial solicitors that make a difference

Commercial transactions are often laced with complexities that not only take time and effort to unwind, but can also pose a risk to a businesses’ bottom line.

Spencer Churchill is here to help take the strain out of commercial transactions, adopting strategies that ensure that your business maximises the potential and value of every transaction.

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Giving you the edge in commercial transactions

Our dedicated commercial solicitors are experts across a number of industries and sectors, including automotive, retail, technology and financial services. This helps us understand the nuances and potential trappings of industry-specific transactions, giving you the edge in commercial negotiations.

We adopt a fully transparent approach with clients, which helps us clearly understand objectives to define a strategy that has a positive and progressive outcome for you.

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Commercial Law

What commercial services do you offer?

We’re proud to offer a full portfolio of commercial services across all sectors to our clients, so you can leverage our expertise to your advantage and benefit from bespoke advice. Here’s a list of our commercial law services:

Our Commercial Services


Intellectual property

Terms and conditions

Competition law


Professional negligence

Commercial contracts

GDPR and data protection

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    Commercial law FAQ

    What is commercial law?

    Commercial law, otherwise known as trade law, concerns primarily businesses who engage in commerce, merchandising, trade and sales.

    Commercial law involves licensing, intellectual property, competition law, franchising, professional negligence, commercial contracts, transactions and data protection.

    What are the benefits of hiring a commercial solicitors?

    A commercial solicitor will provide objective and independent advice that helps ensure your business is protected when making commercial business decisions, such as contracts, transactions and data protection.

    Is commercial and corporate law the same?

    No. Commercial law is concerned predominantly business transactions and sales, while corporate law deals with issues such as mergers and acquisitions, private equity, ventures, shareholder agreements and company formation.

    What is commercial real estate law?

    Commercial real estate law deals with transactions involving real estate developments, property and infrastructure projects.

    A commercial real estate solicitor will help ensure these transactions run smoothly and the contractual agreements are beneficial to the client.

    What is a commercial agreement in law?

    Commercial agreements in law are contractual agreements between two businesses that provide the foundations of the relationship and interactions between the two businesses involved.

    A commercial solicitor will help your business manifest and solidify a commercial agreement, so it is mutually beneficial and contains stipulations that align with your businesses’ strategy.

    Commercial agreements include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Sale and purchase agreements.
    Purchase and supply conditions.
    Letters of intent
    Franchise agreements.
    Service Level Agreements.
    Management and shareholders’ agreements.
    Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

    Do you need a solicitor for a commercial lease?

    While it isn’t mandatory to use a solicitor when agreeing to a commercial lease, it is advised. This is because a commercial solicitor will be able to protect you, as the business tenant, from entering into a contractually binding agreement that contains otherwise hidden charges and obligations.