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Corporate Law

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World beating corporate law solicitors

Spencer Churchill is an open and transparent law firm that prides itself on understanding client needs, requirements and objectives. We help our clients succeed by formulating winning strategies in diverse and complex corporate arenas, which is pivotal in owning, managing and expanding a corporation.

Our experienced corporate law solicitors have a deep understanding of corporate law, including corporate tax, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements, joint ventures, private equity and beyond.

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Corporate Law

Giving you the edge in corporate negotiations

Our solicitors come from diverse backgrounds that helps us, and in turn our clients, compete in a variety of industries, from automotive to retail, healthcare to media and entertainment, we’re agile and responsive to the different demands and nuances each sector brings.

We adopt a fully transparent approach with clients, which helps us clearly understand objectives to define a strategy that has a positive and progressive outcome for you.

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Corporate Law

What corporate law services do you offer?

We’re proud to offer a full portfolio of corporate services across all sectors to our clients, so you can leverage our expertise to your advantage and benefit from bespoke advice. Here’s a list of our commercial law services:

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Corporate Law Services

Frequently asked questions

What is corporate law?

Corporate law refers to a body of law that governs the rights, relations and conduct of corporations. Corporate law exists to make the relationships and negotiations between corporations fair and regulated.

Corporate law is especially prevalent when an individual or individuals form, operate and manage a corporation.

A corporate solicitor can help corporations govern and manage corporate entities. This includes governance and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements and private equity.

Is commercial and corporate law the same?

No. Commercial law is concerned predominantly business transactions and sales, while corporate law deals with issues such as mergers and acquisitions, private equity, ventures, shareholder agreements and company formation.

What is corporate finance law?

Corporate finance law refers to the buying and selling of businesses and assets, as well as shareholder relationships, company procedures, transactions and regulation compliance

What is corporate liability in criminal law

In essence, corporate liability in criminal law refers to the extent of which a corporation is liable for an employee or association undergoing a criminal proceeding.