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Dispute Resolution

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    Leading dispute resolution solicitors

    We have a deep understanding of how disputes can pose a risk to a businesses’ reputation and how, in turn, they can be costly.

    As the world changes at an unprecedented pace, friction becomes commonplace. Business disputes become entangled and complex, which is why a proactive and progressive strategy is vital to avoid negative impacts to your business and your bottom line.

    Our dispute resolution team are experts in this field. Through our transparent and open approach, we’re able to quickly ascertain what your business needs and understand how a dispute can be resolved efficiently and effectively.

    We work with directors, shareholders and business owners to create an effective strategy that minimises the impact of a dispute and protects your business – without having to reach costly court alternatives.

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    Why is dispute resolution important?

    Dispute resolution usually offers all parties involved a constructive and cost and time effective solution to disputes and conflicts.

    Dispute resolution helps businesses avoid settling disagreements in the courtroom, instead allowing the affected parties to resolve their dispute in a mutually agreeable manner.

    For more information on our dispute resolution practices, you can contact us here.

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    What dispute resolution services do you offer?

    Our experienced and knowledgeable team of dispute resolution solicitors are experts across all nuances of dispute resolution practice.

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    Our dispute resolution services include:

    International arbitration

    Professional negligence

    Commercial litigation

    Property litigation

    Business protection

    Litigation financing

    Corporate insolvency

    Construction disputes

    Product safety

    Procurement challenge

    Director and shareholder disputes

    Public law judicial review

    Business disputes

    Pensions disputes

    Hedge fund disputes

    Finance disputes

    Dispute resolution FAQ

    What is dispute resolution?

    Dispute resolution, also known as alternative dispute resolution, is a process – or processes – behind resolving a dispute or conflict between two or more parties.

    Successful dispute resolutions help the parties involved avoid lengthy and potentially costly courtroom settlements. Many businesses and individuals prefer to go through the dispute resolution process in the hope they can resolve an issue or conflict in a mutually beneficial way.

    What are the benefits of dispute resolution?

    A successfully executed dispute resolution strategy helps businesses navigate conflicts in a way that doesn’t cost them time and money.

    We’ll help mediate and execute a dispute resolution strategy that serves your business aims and objectives; working to a positive outcome.

    For more information on our dispute resolution service, you can contact us here.

    What is a dispute resolution clause?

    A dispute resolution clause in a contract delineates the process parties should follow if they are to resolve a dispute or issue that’s not detailed in their contract.

    The dispute resolution clause is important for a number of reasons, as it acts as a reference point to how the dispute resolution process will be conducted, such as jurisdiction, timeframes and locality.

    What is judicial dispute resolution?

    Judicial dispute resolution involves the settlement of a dispute by a judge, but doesn’t go to trial.

    What are the three main types of dispute resolution?

    While there are a number of different approaches to dispute resolution, these are the three main types:

    Mediation dispute resolution

    This is where a third-party will act as a neutral entity to help all concerned parties reach an understanding.

    Arbitration dispute resolution

    Arbitration involves a third-party to act as a judge to decide how a dispute should be resolved. The arbitrator (judge) will consider the evidence involved and then makes a binding decision.

    Litigation dispute resolution

    Litigation dispute resolution involves all parties involved going to court to resolve the dispute, where a judge, or a judge and jury, will resolve the dispute based on the evidence presented.

    What is commercial dispute resolution?

    Commercial dispute resolution refers solely to disputes concerning commercial matters, such as transactions.

    Commercial dispute resolution involves resolving disputes of that nature without litigation/going to court.

    What is dispute resolution in construction?

    Historically, the construction industry is laden with disputes. This has proven costly for many businesses, which have had to take these disputes to court to resolve.

    There are methods of dispute resolution that can be deployed to resolve matters without the need for costly court resolutions.

    That’s where we can help you. Our lawyers have experience in the construction sector and can formulate an effective solution to your dispute. For more information about our dispute resolution services you can contact us here.