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Business Protection Solicitors

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Business protection solicitors

Companies often face issues when there is no proper legal documentation in place to support them.

We push the agenda that businesses work to prevent rather than encounter problems and this is why we have a committed team that can tailor a service that suits your business needs.

Spencer Churchill Solicitors provide specialist business protection advice to minimise the impact should the worst case scenario happen.

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Business Protection

What is business protection?

Business protection is an insurance contract that supports businesses against financial difficulties and can be provided to partnerships, sole traders, shareholders and certain employees.

Business protection can help business owners to accommodate for any unexpected events that may happen in the future.

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Regulatory and Compliance

What advice do you offer to protect businesses?

Spencer Churchill Solicitors offer specialist advice on different areas of corporate law in order to safeguard businesses:

Data Protection advice

In line with legislation outlined in The Data Protection Act and privacy laws, our commercial solicitors can advise on how to appropriately draft data protection policies and how to store private data.

Failure to comply with data protection law can lead to fines and have devastating consequences for company reputation.

We can assist with making sure that data protection regulations are adhered to.

To find out more information about our data protection advice, contact us.

Financial mis-selling

Mis-selling products can also occur in financial settings. Any financial service should be sold to you in a way that is ‘fair, clear and not misleading’ according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Many businesses and individuals are affected by mis-selling on a regular basis when a bank or any form of financial institution has sold them a product or service without following official protocol or an inadequate amount of information was given prior to purchase.

We offer expert advice on investment mis-selling and the best way to seek compensation.

To find out more information about our advice on financial mis-selling, contact us.

Corporate fraud

Fraud allegations can seriously harm a company’s reputation and seeking immediate legal advice if any accusations take place is crucial to protecting your business.

Our corporate fraud specialists can advise businesses dealing with fraud allegations and liaise with authorities on your behalf.

To find out more information about our corporate fraud advice, contact us.

Why Choose Spencer Churchill Solicitors for business protection advice?

Spencer Churchill Solicitors specialise in business protection and securing the most efficient methods of helping to shift your business out of harm’s way.

We can offer advice on data protection, mis-selling, fraud and more depending on your unique circumstances.

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Corporate Tax

Business protection FAQs

Should I have business insurance?

Business insurance will protect your business against risks that could jeopardise the stability of your company.

It is advised to have business insurance as this will cover your company from theft, damage and legal fees.

Is it against the law not to have business insurance?

The requirement to have business insurance is dependent upon the company but employer’s liability is a legal requirement for most businesses under UK law.

What is the Data Protection Act?

The Data Protection Act (DPA) protects the privacy of data that is held by businesses. This data may contain confidential information about the business, employees and customers

What should I do if my business is heading towards insolvency?

Do not do nothing if you feel that your business may be on the road to becoming insolvent. As a director of a company, you have a duty to take the necessary steps to minimise any loss to creditors or to anyone else involved.

Taking action sooner rather than later when you identify a problem can help you implement the best course of action that might save your business or at least put it in the best position it can be in.