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We are the digital law firm. Dragging the legal world into the 21st century is kind of our thing.


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We will put your T&C’s and business contracts into place. Or we will work through the contract you want to sign, explain the risks, fix them, and then negotiate on your behalf in order to get the deal done.

Our legal toolbox works to make our services cost effective and accessible to everyone.

Our document templates make it easy for you to create your own legal documents, streamlining your process and saving you time.

Ask one of our expert lawyers a question now. With no obligation and no cost, we promise to answer your questions in plain English – no legal jargon.

We provide expert legal advice and guidance without confusing you – we speak like humans, not law robots.

We’re A 21st Century, Digital Law Firm.

We work with start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, creators, talent, fast growth companies and industry disruptors, delivering high quality legal services.

We’re different from the other firms – you know exactly the type. We aim to make legal support accessible to everyone. That’s why we have developed our resources and tools, and collaborated with the best technology providers to give you access to products and services that are designed to help you.

Our services are perfect for the needs of freelancers, consultants, contractors, gig economists, side hustlers or one-person bands. Providing the basic legal support needed to support the growth of your business, we aim to push you to reach your potential 🚀

Dispute Resolution

Using our proactive and expert guidance, we can help businesses like yours avoid costly decisions and dodge expensive court cases with our effective commercial dispute resolution services.

Commercial Law

Our commercial law specialists are able to use their expert knowledge to guide and support you and your business through issues of property licences, competition law, and so much more.

Corporate Law

We want to help you as you take your business to the next level. Using our expert insights and proactive approach, we can advise you on aspects of corporate law.

Buy A Business

From restructuring to financing, negotiations to liabilities, we can use our expert knowledge to help you to seamlessly navigate business mergers and acquisitions.

Real Estate Law

Our expert team has experience in navigating real estate transactions and relationships, helping you to understand and process all aspects of real estate law. 

Banking and Finance

We’re intertwined with the finance sector, and we want to use our experience to support your business. We have a rich knowledge of all the critical areas of finance law.

Business Legal Advice for these Sectors


SME’s can sometimes be hesitant to reach out for legal advice because working with traditional law firms can feel confusing, time-consuming and expensive. Not with us – we make the tech law world easy to understand and navigate. 

From dealing with data protection, and cyber security, to web development law and even AI & machine learning, we are professional and efficient in our approach to our clients. If you need tech law support and advice, we want to help.


We offer advice that helps Fintech companies take the financial sector by storm. From investment apps to online banking, our tech lawyers work closely with Fintech companies to advise on the regulations and implications of certain technologies, including outsourcing agreements, cloud-computing agreements, artificial intelligence (AI), data migration, software design and online payment platforms.

If you are a Fintech company needing advice on how to manage your technology platforms and obligations, our team will be happy to help. 


The influencer career path is booming, but we understand that it’s not all insta posts and fancy brand deals. It can feel a little difficult and overwhelming to process the paperwork side of things sometimes. If you are a new and upcoming influencer, or if you’re already established, then we want to work with you. 

We will negotiate the best brand deals, notice dodgy contracts before you sign them, maintain and manage your reputation by resolving or mediating disputes, and much more. Basically, we want to see you take the online world by storm (and be a tiny part of the process that gets you there.)

Digital Marketing Agencies

We understand the unique challenges that agencies face, from customer client agreements to chasing client debt to establishing terms and conditions prior to signing on a new client, our expert lawyers are eager to help. If you represent an agency that wants to streamline processes and push business success to the next level then you’ve landed on the right site.

We will work hard to transform your business through a vigilant approach to any legal problem you need us to address – and never making things more complicated than they need to be.

Fashion & Beauty

With the combination of Tiktok, Insta, Pinterest and influencer marketing, the fashion and beauty industry has transformed in recent years. If you are a small fashion or beauty business, you will face specific and unique challenges, challenges that the team at Get Legal Advice understand. 

Reach out to us if you are seeking the best legal help, advice, guidance, or support in your fashion or beauty SME. We’ll get to grips with all the complicated legal stuff on your behalf, so you can get on with building your business and enjoying your passion.

Financial Services

Financial services law is something you’ll want to take seriously. You don’t need us to explain how important finances are to the success of your small business. If you want to grow to your potential, then we can take the pressure off when it comes to working through and advising with investment contracts, wealth management, and venture capital markets.

Don’t end up trapped and paralysed by the web of financial confusion – wriggle yourself free and let us take care of all the boring stuff. We will explain everything we do in plain English, so you never feel out of the loop.

Media & Entertainment

If you work within the media and entertainment sphere, you’ll know how important it is to find trustworthy contracts that are perfect for your goals, how critical it is to manage your reputation both in and out of work, the extent to which you must protect your ideas and innovations from competitors, and how you should prioritise resolving disputes when they arise. 

We want to protect your career and sky-rocket your dreams. Let us help.

Providing legal services to Start-ups, Scale-ups, and Entrepreneurs

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Banking and Finance

Don’t Let Legal Worries Slow Your Startup Dreams

We offer a modern approach to legal support, empowering small businesses and startups with the tools and expertise they need to thrive. Download free legal templates to jumpstart your journey, then get instant answers with our “Ask a Lawyer” feature. 


Need more in-depth help? Our online platform makes connecting with experienced lawyers for affordable, flat-fee services a breeze. Focus on your passion – building your business – and leave the legalities to us. Get the support you need to launch and confidently watch your entrepreneurial dreams take flight.

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Corporate Law

How We Work

We believe in transparent communication with our clients. We take the time to understand your business and your situation. Once we have that understanding, we use our expert knowledge of commercial and corporate law to create effective strategies and solutions. Let us create winning results for you and your business. 

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Commercial Contracts

The Get Legal Advice team can help you.

We support businesses across a wide range of business law disciplines, including corporate and commercial law. It couldn’t be easier – if you want to discuss your legal strategy today, or you want to discover how your business can get you to the next level – get in touch now.

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