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Commercial Litigation Solicitors

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Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Spencer Churchill Solicitors work closely with business owners, company directors and shareholders to safeguard the interests of businesses.

We strive to understand your business and objectives in order to tailor a service that is bespoke to you.

Our in-depth knowledge of local industries and specialism in commercial dispute resolution makes us well-equipped to provide effective solutions for your business.

Read on to find out more about our commercial litigation services or contact us today for expert advice tailored to your needs and goals.

What is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation refers to any disputes between businesses. Any dispute that has a corporate element is considered to be commercial litigation.

Commercial litigation claims can be time-consuming and a stressful ordeal for companies which is why we offer specialist advice and resolutions to minimise any damage a commercial litigation can cause to a business.

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What types of advice do you give on commercial litigation?

Spencer Churchill Solicitors offer specialist advice on a variety of issues in commercial litigations:

Contract disputes

Our specialist team is well-equipped to handle all manner of contractual disputes. Contracts provide clarity regarding business affairs and set in place a plan in case business duties are neglected or breached in any way.

Regardless of whether the contract is verbally or formally written, it is common for business to enter into contractual disputes.

We can provide legal advice regarding loan agreements, corporate transactions and contracts for goods and services.

To find out more information about our advice on contract disputes, contact us.

Corporate insolvency

If your business is facing significant financial difficulty and finds itself unable to pay its debts, we can offer advice in the unfortunate event that your business becomes insolvent.

To find out more information about our advice on corporate insolvency, contact us.

Commercial fraud

Commercial fraud is likely to have occurred if an individual or business has managed to gain success as a result of taking advantage of another business, often in a corrupt and devious manner.

Our specialist litigation and dispute resolution solicitors have the expertise to handle commercial fraud claims to make sure that we get the best outcome for your business.

To find out more information about our commercial fraud advice, contact us.

Partnership disputes

A partnership dispute can create big problems for a company and threaten not only the reputation of the business but also jeopardise the careers of those involved.

Managing a partnership dispute effectively and ensuring that it does not escalate is essential to preventing damage to the business.

We offer specialist advice to put our clients in the best position for negotiation or litigation when it comes to partnership disputes.

To find out more information about our advice on partnership disputes, contact us.

Why Choose Spencer Churchill Solicitors for commercial litigation advice?

Spencer Churchill Solicitors have the knowledge and expertise in commercial litigation to provide effective solutions for your business.

We can offer advice on business disputes, contractual disputes and aim to resolve litigation disputes before they can reach the court.

Transparent, open and tailored advice is at the heart of what we do. We strive to help businesses resolve their problems and achieve their goals.

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Commercial litigation FAQs

How can a solicitor help me with a commercial dispute?

Solicitors are highly skilled in commercial litigation and can tailor a service that meets your commercial needs as well as effectively assess your position to make sure that every available option is open to you.

What should I do if someone threatens to sue me in a commercial dispute?

If a written document arrives, it will clearly state a deadline for you to respond or pay any necessary fees before any court proceedings are set in motion.

You should respond in writing to any letters as failure to respond can provide a basis for starting a case against you. Consider your situation and assess whether or not a settlement may be reached first.

How do I dismiss a ridiculous commercial dispute case against me?

You should apply to the court where the claim was first initiated and if the claim has no evidential or reasonable grounds then it may be struck out.

You can also apply for a summary judgement if the claim is valid but unlikely to have a strong reason as to why it should go to trial.

Do I have to give information to the opposition’s solicitors?

If you are embroiled in any court proceedings, you must not disclose any information regarding the dispute as this can harm your case.

If the opposition asks for information from you, you should consider the relevancy of the request and seek legal advice before proceeding.