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Need corporate legal advice for your business?

We offer expert legal help for businesses, covering everything from following laws to handling mergers and buying other companies. Our modern, digital way of working makes legal issues simpler, so you can concentrate on growing and improving your business.

Our team creates personalised plans that fit the ever-changing world of business law, making sure your business is safe and ready to succeed in today’s competitive market. Reach out to us to make your business’s legal side stronger and more strategic.

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Banking and Finance

Navigating corporate law with ease

We help businesses with these things, making sure every decision is legal and smart. Our team assists with starting a business, making contracts, combining companies, and more, all to help you succeed for a long time.

We make sure your business follows laws and protects its interests, giving you custom advice and new solutions. Work with us for clear guidance through the complex world of corporate law, making the most of its challenges and chances.

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Pension Disputes

Why Choose Get Legal Advice for Your Corporate Law Needs?

Smart legal tools for growing your business

We use the latest digital tools to make following corporate laws easier. Our toolkit and custom legal templates help simplify your legal tasks, giving you more time to grow your business.

Personalised legal help for your business needs

Every business has its legal challenges. We create services just for you, tackling your specific problems. With one-on-one talks and our ‘Ask an Expert’ feature, we provide legal plans and in-depth checks of your legal setup. We aim to keep you in line with laws, make your business run smoother, and protect what you’ve built.

Making corporate law easier to understand

Corporate law can be complicated. We simplify it by explaining tough legal rules in simple steps. With our advice and support, you’ll handle corporate law with confidence, avoid legal troubles, and build a solid legal base for your business.

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Regulatory and Compliance

Tailored corporate law solutions for your business

Our corporate law advice service is crafted to support the unique needs of businesses across sectors:

Corporate compliance toolkit

With guides on rules, checklists for staying compliant, and advice on protecting your ideas, these resources help simplify legal tasks. This means you can run your business smoothly and within the law.

'Ask an Expert' feature:

Get instant help from expert corporate lawyers with just a click. They offer quick and trustworthy advice on complex legal issues. This feature helps you make smart, rule-following decisions that fit your business plans.

Legal strategy and compliance audit:

Our legal team examines your business’s compliance with laws and rules and gives you clear advice on how to improve. This service helps smooth legal matters, keeps you safe from legal issues, and supports your business’s growth.


What types of corporate legal services does Get Legal Advice offer?

Get Legal Advice offers various corporate legal services, including compliance and governance, mergers and acquisitions, business formation, contracts, and intellectual property guidance. Our digital-first approach aims to simplify businesses’ legal landscape.

How can Get Legal Advice help my business navigate corporate law?

Our team provides tailored solutions and expert guidance to help your business navigate the complexities of corporate law. From ensuring legal compliance to offering strategic advice on mergers and acquisitions, we focus on protecting your company’s interests and supporting your growth.

What is the 'Ask an Expert' feature?

The ‘Ask an Expert’ feature provides direct access to experienced corporate lawyers for timely and reliable counsel on intricate legal matters. This ensures you make informed, compliant decisions that align with your business goals.

Can Get Legal Advice assist with the legal formation of my business?

Yes, Get Legal Advice can assist with the legal formation of your business, offering advice on the most suitable type of business entity, drafting necessary documentation, and guiding you through the registration process.

How does Get Legal Advice customise its services to meet my business's unique legal challenges?

We understand each business faces unique legal challenges. Our services are customised through personalised consultations, the ‘Ask an Expert’ feature, comprehensive legal strategy, and compliance audits. This approach ensures we provide support tailored to your specific needs.

What makes Get Legal Advice different from other corporate law services?

What sets Get Legal Advice apart is our commitment to leveraging digital innovation to streamline legal processes, offering customised support tailored to the unique challenges of your business, and demystifying corporate law to make it manageable and understandable.