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Looking out for your employees can help you to build an amazing working culture. It is your responsibility as an employer to make sure you are always working in line with the employment laws, but sometimes disagreements occur. Facing an employment law case or looking to raise one yourself?

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Employment Fraud

No business owner wants to deal with a fraudulent employee, that’s just common sense. But if you are a small or medium sized business that is focusing on growth, you really don’t want anything to hold you back.

Experiencing fraud at the hand of an employee, whether that is due to a manipulation of profits or asset misappropriation (which is where someone uses their company’s asset for their own benefit) you really don’t want to let it continue.

The team at Get Legal Advice are here to fight your corner, using the evidence to compile a case and always working to resolve the situation to an acceptable outcome. We want to keep your company growing, so reach out to us now if you think you may have a fraudulent employee on your hands.

Bonus Disputes

Small businesses have small teams, so keeping your employees happy can make a huge difference to your company’s culture and it should be a priority. If one of your employees believes that they’re contractually due a bonus, or that your decision not to give them one through discretion was unfair, they might raise a dispute.

And what happens if they do? You want to keep morale high within your team, right? So, resolving the dispute is important. That’s why we are here. Offering expert advice and service, our professional team of solicitors will get to the bottom of the disagreement, working through to a resolution through our mediation service, our arbitration service, or, if necessary, through commercial litigation.

Incentives and Remuneration

Contracts change, it’s in their nature. Salaries increase as experience levels develop and people expect more financially from their employers the longer they stay at a company. If one of your employees disagrees with you when it comes to what they should be receiving, they may raise a dispute.

It is critical to deal with a situation like this as soon as possible. That’s where we come in. Discrepancies and disagreements when it comes to employment contracts need to be resolved. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, our experts are here to help.

Redundancy and Restructuring

If you want to grow your business or SME, which we are sure will be at the top of your priority list, restructuring is bound to happen. If you have come to realise that there is no need for certain roles, or that the way you work just isn’t doing what it needs to, you should be looking to make some changes. Within the business world, change can lead to redundancies.

You might be dealing with a case of unfair dismissal if you have started making redundancies in a way that your employees believe to be unfair. Get Legal Advice will work hard to resolve the situation, working alongside the evidence and aiming to close the case in a way which is acceptable to you.

Team Moves and Restrictive Covenants

When your employees are involved in the initial growth stages of your business, information and data protection are important. That’s where restrictive covenants come in – limiting your employees’ access to competitors if they leave their job.

Although restrictive covenants can be, by nature, restrictive, this characteristic can sometimes lead to disagreements and disputes. If an employee believes that their restrictive covenant is unreasonably restrictive, you are going to want the best legal team to sort it out. Reach out to us now if you are facing a restrictive covenant dispute and require the help of our dispute resolution team.

Work Status and The Gig Economy

Many SME’s, or businesses in their growth stage, will outsource work to freelancers to save money and resources. The Gig Economy has meant that this is now a cost effective possibility, accelerating growth and always supporting the livelihoods of contractors and freelancers.

But, there is a vagueness to gig economy contracts, with disagreements and conflicts regarding work status and benefits being common.

From working hours to employment benefits, you might need help navigating work status and gig economy disputes. Luckily, we can help with that.


Sometimes, an SME will transfer between employers, or even merge with another company, all to support the growth and development of the business. This will lead to a transfer between employment contracts, or a TUPE. 

Whether you are changing the job roles and contracts of existing employees, or welcoming in new employees from a company transfer, making the transition as smooth as possible will help to keep morale high for employees during a potentially stressful period.

Using our expert knowledge, our team can help to advise, guide, negotiate and manage the risk of the TUPE as it occurs, minimising disruption to the business and keeping everything working effectively.

Employment Tribunal Claims

Employment tribunals are a place where an employee can take up grievances with their employer. But highly trained legal representation, like us at Get Legal Advice, should probably be in the room to help you to talk through it.

If someone thinks that you have played a part in work-place discrimination, if they feel that you have instigated an unfair dismissal, or they think that you have made an unfair deduction to their wage, our experts want to help. Don’t delay in reaching out. 

High Court Claims

Sometimes, an employment tribunal just can’t be sorted out through alternative dispute resolution methods, no matter how hard you’ve tried. If you and your disputant can’t seem to come to an agreement that you both find to be acceptable, then taking the case to the High Court might be the best option.

If you need the best in professional legal representation, you may as well come to the best digital law firm. Reach out to Get Legal Advice now.

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If you have found yourself at the receiving end of employment disputes, it’s time to enlist the very best help. Our team will work hard to handle your case, taking on the challenge without confusing you in the process. Let’s keep you and your SME on the journey towards growth.

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