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Leading real estate and property law solicitors

Property & real estate investment is a long-term commitment that needs a clear and coherent strategy and vision from the start. We’re experts in real estate and have a great understanding of the importance of scoping a plan that generates rewards for your business, from land purchases to consistent and profitable income generation.

Given the wealth of expertise at Spencer Churchill, we’re able to work with you on your property ventures from start to finish. That’s why we can advise and guide businesses in the key areas of real estate, including strategic land investments, development, finance and construction.

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Creating winning real estate and property strategies

The face of real estate is changing quickly and we’re beyond simple bricks and mortar. More considerations and challenges are facing businesses competing in the market, from energy efficiency regulation to climate change; external factors continue to affect the real estate arena.

We’ll navigate these challenges and help you prosper with expert advice and guidance on real estate law and how it affects your business. You can contact us here for more information.

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Property and Real Estate

What property and real estate services do you offer?

We’re proud to offer a full portfolio of property and real estate services across all sectors to our clients, so you can leverage our expertise to your advantage and benefit from bespoke advice. Here’s a list of our property and real estate services and areas:

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Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Finance

Residential Development

Property Litigation

Strategic Land

Real Estate Disputes

Corporate Occupiers

Structured Real Estate

Real Estate Tax

Construction & Engineering Law

Property and real estate law FAQ

What is property law?

Property law, sometimes referred to ask real estate law, concerns and governs ownership and tenancy in real and personal property.

Some of the key areas of property law involve construction, land purchases, tenancy agreements, real estate disputes, real estate finance and property litigation.

What is the purpose of property law?

Property law exists to protect land owners, property developers and tenants, as well as manage property regulation, finance and transactions.

Property and real estate are laced with regulations and complexities that, when not adhered to, can cost businesses and owners both money and time. It’s important, when embarking on a new development or project, to employ the services of an experienced property law solicitor.

That’s where we can help. Our property law solicitors are experienced in property and real estate law across many sectors. If you would like to discuss your development plans, you can contact us here for more information and advice.

What is commercial property law?

In short commercial property law concerns and governs businesses or owners who profit from land. This can involve everything from purchasing the land to developing a strategy that ensures the purchase becomes and remains a profitable entity.